The Anarchist Cabinet

Witch Hazel; the anarchist cabinet #1

Image“Witch Hazel Branch” by faolruadh on deviantArt

The Anarchist Cabinet:

Medicinal, Cosmetic and Household Uses for Witch Hazel

Hamamelis: Witch Hazel. Also known as Winterbloom; Snapping Hazelnut

Parts Used: dried bark, fresh/dried leaves

Do not digest Witch Hazel unless under professional supervision. Growing in the Northeast part of North America, Witch Hazel is generally sold in a distilled liquid form. The extracts should be produced with 14% pure grain alcohol (ethanol), but alcohol-free products can be found sold as “floral waters” (hydrosols). Hydrosols are gentler and more appropriate for uses that involve contact with body orifices. Pharmacies and drug stores sell consumer versions of the drug, however private merchants with organic sources would appreciate your support and customer base. Check Etsy first for stores in your area, and inquire with artisans. Mountain Rose Herbs is a large, trustworthy store centralized in Eugene, Oregon.

1. Witch Hazel constricts blood vessels. Keep in the First Aid to stop bleeding. Apply the extract onto a wet pad for burst veins. Soak a cotton ball and insert into the nostril to halt a nosebleed. In a tea of proper concentrations of the bark and leaves, witch hazel eases inner bleeding as well. Save a life and a medical bill!

2. Witch Hazel is an anti-inflammatory. Absorb the extract into a hot pad and apply to sprains, insect bites, hickies or bruises to reduce swelling. Diluted in warm water, can ease inflamed eyes.

3. Witch hazel treats acneic skin. Use as a cosmetic astringent to remove make-up, or as a toner with your favorite essential oils to tighten pores. Know what you put on your skin!

4. Witch hazel is anti-bacterial. Mix with water and your favorite essential oils to make disinfectant house cleaners for the kitchen, bathroom, linens, etc. Know what fumes you’re breathing!

Witch hazel cannot be consumed, but can work as an emulsifier to mix water and oils in home made cosmetic and cleaning products. Do not confuse this as a reason to use in a culinary vinaigrette, because it won’t be very tasty!

Click the images below for recommended recipes and merchants.
tea tree and witch hazel witch hazel hydrosol

Thank you for reading, and good luck in your liberation from consumerism!
❤ Nellie Ann

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