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Marshmallow; the anarchist cabinet #2

Althea officinalis

The Anarchist Cabinet:

Medicinal, Cosmetic and Household Uses for Marshmallow

Althea officinalis: Marshmallow. Also known as White Mallow; Iviscus; Ghasul; Mortification Root; Schloss Tea; Mallards; Cheeses

Parts Used: flowers, leaves, root

Mallows have been mentioned as a delicacy since the early classic writers, at some point being a common Roman dish. From European origin, the marshmallow has made it’s way to the States for culinary and medicinal purposes.

1. The vegetable secretes a gummy matter (mucilage) like starch. Once upon a time, s’mores had a little bit of nutritional value. Before today’s sugary “marshmallow” treats were made with gelatin and egg whites, they were made from marshmallow root. In fact, prepared properly, marshmallow can be a vegan substitute for the two.

2. Marshmallow root is an expectorant and emollient. The mucilage coats a protective film on irritated tissue. Boil the gel-like liquid out of the root and mix with honey and orange for homemade cough/sore throat drops. Peel and break into pieces for a teething infant to soften and relax gums.

3. Marshmallow root is demulcent and diuretic. The herb soothes the mucus membranes of the body like the lining of the stomach and heartburn, also flushing an inflamed kidney and infected bladder. Drink as a cold-brewed tea.

4. Marshmallow moisturizes. Add to concoctions for hair (such as raw apple cider vinegar, water and olive or jojoba oil) to ease tangles and provide deep-conditioning, particularly to curly hair. Apply as a poultice to psoriasis, eczema.

Private merchants with organic sources would appreciate your support and customer base. Check Etsy first for stores in your area, and inquire with artisan herbalists. Mountain Rose Herbs is a large, trustworthy store centralized in Eugene, Oregon.

Click the images below for recommended recipes and merchants.
suzy cohen rph

Thank you for reading, and good luck in your liberation from consumerism!
❤ Nellie Ann

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