Happiness is only real when shared.

fall in photos

My blogging presence is falling behind,

but for me? That’s a good thing.

Because it means that I am being selfish

with all the joys that God is giving me…

But by the beard of Christopher McCandless!

Here is a little glimpse of what you’re missing

without friends in the natural world

of a simple family, good food and cozy pets.

Instead of watching the news tonight,

go outside and connect with the life force all around you.

You live under stars that navigated Christopher Columbus.

The world wants to take you somewhere.

Can’t your hear the trumpets?


8 thoughts on “Happiness is only real when shared.

  1. keep bringing these messages. They are like a modern glimpse into what it would be like to be Laura Ingalls Wilder + 120 years.

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