Roads Less Travelled

Since my blackout from Facebook, life has felt more full and tangible.

Everything that makes me happy can, for the most part, be touched.

Instead of trying to fabricate relationships with invisible threads of the world wide web,

I have been fabricating relationships with the wide wide world.

I became aware of these little wonders taking place everyday,

Other circumstances of life have since seemed mildly important.

I have felt so rich and fortunate

chasing this bounty behind every branch and bend…

I sigh, because I wish I could live in this bubble forever;

everything of value (to me) actually being attainable

What blessings I could be thankful for.

But unfortunately, there is rent to pay.

School loans to borrow.

And (until recently) a car that necessitates upkeep… but now is likely  totalled/gone for good.

Or is there?

If only I could trade these wild mushrooms, berries, and some of Earth’s sweetest water

for a mechanic…

or an education…

better yet, just security.


But amidst all this wealth, I have yet to find money growing on trees.

Who wants to pay for cars anyway?

Perhaps I should follow-up with Santa about that old pony… or was it a bike?

ever truly your favorite prairie muffin,

❤ Nellie Ann

P.S. My family needs some prayers. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Roads Less Travelled

  1. Prayers for you…but more importantly, you have an amazing talent (REALLY) and it should be shared in ways that can sustain your family and provide you the security that you deserve. Think outside the box, imagine and dream that which you desire, live your passion, believe in yourself, and believe in a world of abundance — your world!

  2. I agree with Coop Poop about the talent thing. These photos are amazing. Congrats on escaping Facebook. I can relate to the feeling, only for me, it takes getting off the computer entirely. 😦 …but OH what a feeling. I’m sharing in your joy.

  3. Loved the pictures and your words….stay strong! Shane and you can make it thru whatever challenges you face. Life has its ups and downs but its all part of the journey thru it!

    • Well, life has certainly dropped a heavyweight on our plates. And at the worst time, because I was just getting ready for the holidays.. But it is what is, and we’re glad to have good friends and family 🙂 it makes it that much easier

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